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Curating a creative childhood


“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do”

~ Walt Disney

If we are to imagine ; who could have a good time amidst this lock down – Children would definitely be the obvious answer.

Isn’t it a best time for them?! They are with family members and in the safe confines of home! Well,  sadly it’s NOT the case.

If reports are to believe, children are still spending their majority time with ipads/smart phones! Earlier parents had lack of time to engage with their kids, now they have lack of ideas to engage the ever curious minds! Lets accept, parents run out of ideas to engage the young ones and the tasks could be overwhelming for a few. If we are lucky and have grandparents around then there could be a few activities that they could do with the child.  Here is the list of interesting activities that grandparents can do with the kids!

Singing bhajans in mother tongue : bhajans are a form of songs which are sung in praise of or for the love of the deity. Its makes children curious about their heritage, the associated stories around the deity.

Talking with children: grandparents have this skill called patience which parents often lack. They can engage with young children repeating same stuff and listening to their blabber. They provide young ones a non-judgmental platform which helps children in language skills

Engaging in house hold activities : presumed as boring some household chores could be fun for children; children could be engaged in watering the plants, kneading the dough, washing vegetables, putting the groceries in the fridge, checking the fridge for the left over food/vegetable, arranging for pooja etc. Presence of the elder required, depending on the age

Narrating moral stories: 90% of our personality gets formed by the age of 8. It has been observed that children who grow up with rich moral stories, often develop strong character and life skills. If narrated properly, stories also help children grow their social skills.

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