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Nursery 43 - 54 Months

This age begins to develop literacy and numeracy comprehension. This level introduces letter names and the sounds of the alphabet to give children a sound phonemic knowledge of the English language. This level also explores numbers- children will be able to recognize visually, write, and show the numbers on their fingers. Our lessons are conducted in a fun and an interactive way, proving to build children's confidence levels and give them a positive foundation and good attitude to what will be a lifetime of learning. Children also begin working on handwriting.
Throughout the preschool years, play and socialization are very important to a child's development. For this reason, we believe children should not be pushed to learn something that they have no interest in. If children enjoy learning, they should be encouraged to progress and reach their potential. Using the "Growth Mindset Approach", children are taught in a fun setting to create a positive attitude to learning.